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Welcome to CG-ARTS

This is what you are looking for for your child!
Fun and creative art classes

Our Art Program and the way we teach students are different from any other program, and we can assure you that your children will be happy with our way of teaching, and you can count on the best Art Program.

With over 20 years of experience teaching this fun and interactive class, your children will develop a capacity for concentration, imagination, and order, all qualities they can use throughout their lives.

We start teaching at the early age of 3 1/2 years old and up.

Our classes are full of colors, shapes, and discipline that only art can teach a child.


About Cecilia and Guillermo

We are both professional artists, and we started teaching art to young children in Bolivia in 1996. We have taught in private schools in the Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Cinco Ranch areas since 2001.

We apply our fine arts education and our background in child creativity development.

Art Lessons

Our ART lessons develop a capacity for concentration, imagination, and order while using various beautiful materials.
​Your child will create their masterpieces using various quality art materials. They will develop imagination and creativity using lines, shapes, colors, and textures.

These are classes to explore and enjoy the art of painting, learning about different ART mediums and tools, ART techniques, ART STYLES, and GREAT MASTERS.

We use materials correctly and with discipline. (i.e., brushes, pencils, paintings, and others.)

Enroll today!

Limited Space!!!

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